Slow Burn

4 Oct

Clearly, this has been coming for a while.  I’m not happy with the way things have gone here.  This was never intended to be a social justice blog – this was supposed to be my place to write and “develop my craft” (don’t you loathe phrases like that? maybe I’m too pragmatic for my own good).

I still consider myself a feminist, but I just don’t have the spoons to write about it.  I certainly can’t say that this is a universal experience, but it seems that for me, with age comes more responsibility, and the head space I need to devote to that responsibility edges out and wins out over the head space I might be expending on social justice blogging.  Maybe that makes me a terrible person.  Frankly… I just can’t bring myself to care.

I’m hoping that this post is going to mark a transition for a new direction – one that’s comfortable for me.  I’d like to focus more on my writing – specifically, I want to focus on full package, rather than the content.  I want to be a novelist – it’s what I’ve wanted since I was small.

I’m sorry if that causes you to be disappointed in me.  Believe me, I feel guilty about it as well.  But this has been a slow burn developing since before I even started this blog.

I’m sorry.


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