The Crises – They Continue

9 Sep

I shoulda known that since Google has been getting a serious facelift lately, it would probably happen to Blogger, too.  And it did.  And now I’m kind of torn again.

You see, overall, I think WordPress is the better platform.  It fosters a better blogging community, I love its sensitivity to aesthetics and design…

However, Blogger is infinitely more customizable and allows you to attempt to monetize your work without having to spend any money to do so (the way I understand it, you have to head over to to have ads on your site, which requires that you pay for hosting – on Blogger, you don’t even need your own domain name to use AdSense).

So, the Blogger facelift is attractive, certainly, but the site design is also a little better, I feel – more intuitive.  Additionally, they’ve added a butt-ton of new fonts (I’m a font junkie, by the way), and fixed some other glaring problems.  However, the problem still remains that WordPress helps people to find you and your blog, with absolutely zero effort on your part.  I mean, seriously – you don’t have to publicize AT ALL, and people will stumble over your blog.  Blogger isn’t really like that.  Which is a problem.

Now, onto the other whatchamahoozit – I’ve been feeling kind of fed up with myself and my blog as of late.  When I started this blog up a few months ago, the idea was to stop limiting myself in my writing.  I used to have a social justice blog, and I got sick of feeling like that was all I was allowed to write about.  So then I came here… and now I feel like I’ve backed myself into a corner again.  Which is frustrating.

That’s some real, earnest talk, yo.

So what I did was start a new blog on Blogger, and I think I’ll just try to kind of fiddle with both and see how I feel about everything.  I’ve just kind of come to this point where I’m wondering what I’m doing, and why, and if all of this really makes me happy, and if I even agree with myself anymore.


4 Responses to “The Crises – They Continue”

  1. Eld September 9, 2011 at 5:09 pm #

    I always thought Blogger was kind of balls. Like, every Blogger blog I’ve seen has a /terrible/ theme and then signing in to make comments is super tedious and stuff. Is it any better now? Or am I the only one who had that problem to begin with? lol

    • Megan E. King September 9, 2011 at 5:14 pm #

      Well, what I have right now works for what I’m going for, which is silly and vapid.

    • Megan E. King September 10, 2011 at 8:29 am #

      Also, you can enable Disqus on Blogger, or the built in commenting system uses OpenID, I think, and has for a while. I’ve never thought it was particularly difficult, but I might be weird.

      It’s mostly the lack of community that bothers me. But I really do wish WordPress was as customizable (actually, I guess what I mean is that I wish WordPress didn’t make you pay to make customizations).

      Also, WordPress does stick ads on your blogs – you just can’t see them if you’re signed in. At Blogger, you decide if ads go on, and if they do, you have the potential to earn a little bit of money from them.

      • Megan E. King September 10, 2011 at 8:31 am #

        Also, WordPress appears to automatically correct its own spelling, which feels kind of 1984-ish to me. Creepy.

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