A Quick Note About Accessibility

12 Aug

I apologize for not doing this officially before (although, I think you’ll find that in most, if not all of my former posts, image descriptions have rather been embedded in the text), but I plan on including official image descriptions from here on out.

I’m currently having a think about what to do about videos.  As it is, I just don’t have time to write transcripts, so I’m thinking that I have two choices here:

  1. I can just make my apologies and hope that readers understand that I work, and am in the process of looking for a new job, and just don’t have the time (or the spoons) to write transcripts.
  2. I can make a policy where I only include videos that have transcripts or captions (are captions really all that effective for people?)
  3. I guess my third option is that I can just make a no video rule on this blog.
  4. If I had a bigger readership, option four would be that I could rely on someone to volunteer to make transcripts.  But like… I don’t.
Anyway, it’s a tough call.  Accessibility is important to me, clearly, but I also have my own constraints – chief among them are time and fatigue.  Feedback, as always, is appreciated.

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