Getting to Know You

15 May

I’ve started a lot of blogs.  I’ve also abandoned a lot of blogs.  I’ve done the “getting to know you” post several times, and each time, it’s kind of different.  Maybe a few months ago, I would have classified the “getting to know you” post as a chore – and a tedious one at that, but now, I think it’s pretty cool that every time I sit down to write something about myself, I have a new perspective, or something big enough has happened that my personal narrative is worth changing.  The thing I like best about people is their dynamism, and I suppose that’s the thing I like best about myself, too.

So hello, there!  I’m Megan.  I write a lot, and it occurred to me that the fancy writers who actually get jobs doing what they love to do have websites.  So this is mine, and I intend to use it to write about whatever I feel like.

I’ve mentioned a couple of times that I write on the internet a lot, and that I have a few blogs going.  If you’re an internet junkie like I am, you’re probably asking yourself why I’m not linking to them.  This is because formerly, I have used my real name in my online writing, and I decided several months ago that I didn’t feel particularly safe doing so.  So this here is really my attempt to adopt a pen name and make it work for me.  Sorry.  My intent is to create enough content here so that any readers won’t miss the content I’ve posted elsewhere.  I am, as I mention again and again, fairly prolific, so I doubt this will be much of a problem.

Additionally, I wanted a place where I could write about whatever I felt like, whenever I felt like it.  Around most of the web, I write about feminism and fat acceptance, so I expect to do the same here, but I also like things like television and books and movies and NPR and science and cats and greasy food… so I expect I’ll do some writing about all of that too.

I can’t imagine from this first “getting to know you” post that anyone is exactly jumping up and down to hire me, or to commission me for an article or blog post, but on the off chance that you are, you ought to email me and let me know, at which point, I will get so excited I’ll pee, and then I’ll work really super hard for you.  That’s how I roll.

Personal information?  Well, if you insist:

I live in Chicago, but I’m not originally from here (so many of us aren’t).  I work in the nonprofit sector.  I identify as queer, I’m sex-positive and pro-kink, I’m a feminist and I spend much of my time being offended, and I like to take pictures when I remember to lug my camera with me.  I sing (in the shower), I journal, and apparently, my taste in home furnishings is abysmal.  I’m also pretty far out of touch with pop culture and I like it that way, and I like novelists who do weird, experimental, daring work.

Additionally, I’m amazing.

And I think that wraps up the “getting to know you” post, which – even though I don’t consider it as tedious as I used to – is still a bit of an awkward thing to write.  I promise I’ll be more interesting next time.

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